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Staplers Trade Away Fan Favorite Duchene


It has been a huge year of upheaval for the Staplers. After yesterday’s trade of fan favorite Matt Duchene the Staplers today look nothing like the team that began the season. Said GM Bill Lumberg "We felt we needed to remodel this team and we have a New York Yankees mentality of forget the draft let's just trade for people. We started the year by trading Dion Phaneuf and after that we decided it was time for a change. Get younger and faster. We traded Vermette, Legwand, acquired Brooks Orpik and traded him right away. We had a Russian and thankfully got rid of him. But we also traded some youth and picks as well but we feel the return was worth it. We traded Alex Killorn, Torey Krug and pretty much this whole draft and picks over the next two years. When you have the chance to get players like Pacioretty, Eriksson, Muzzin, Enstrom, Read, and Jack Johnson...you go for it."

But the trade that has everyone talking is the trade of Matt Duchene. "We looked at it as quantity and quality for Matt. The Staplers wish nothing but the best for him. We drafted him and he helped us win a championship in his rookie season. That's all you can ask from a player. But he also meant a lot to our community and in the locker room. Our fan base has to remember that this trade didn't happen on a whim - the Warriors and their owner have been trying to work out this trade for months!  We had no intension of moving Matt and our counters were always something ridiculous in order to make the Warriors go away. Like a bad odor in an old pair of sneakers Mr. Budey would not go away. In the end we felt that a player like Taylor Hall is pretty even with Matt so when we were able to get Yandle into the equation it felt like the right move to make. Taylor will be fantastic with the Staplers but Keith was the key. The Staplers thrive with puck moving defensemen and that's what Yandle does. Now with JJ, Enstrom, Campbell, and Yandle we have our D exactly where we want them now. And we can't wait to see our power play when we have Hall and the Simulators favorite player, Derek Stepan, out together. Should be simulated magic" added Lumberg.

Coach Peter Gibbons had mixed emotions on the trade "Very tough to se Matt go but to me this was a two for one and I think we got great value back. Can't wait to get them, Yandle and Hall, on the ice."  When asked if the players would miss the morning skate Gibbons answered "Well I wouldn't exactly say they would be 'missing practice', if you know what I mean."

The Staplers take the ice tonight versus the Commish.........so fans of the Staplers shouldn't expect the rosters to be updated until after the game is played! 

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